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Read the full Dog Press Breed ID Workshop article here

CFODC has developed and implemented a PowerPoint presentation of a Breed ID Workshop for shelter workers, rescuers and volunteers as well as the general pet owning public. Once we do the presentation, we leave an entire packet with the organization with which they can refresh their familiarity of breed ID principles on an ongoing basis. The packet contains the CD with the PP presentation, materials that can be copied for distribution to anyone that wants to refresh their memories as well as a dog care and training brochure for new owners who adopt from a shelter with our permission to copy and distribute to adopters. Included in this brochure is a 1-800 help line we have established and implemented for pet owners struggling with behavior or training problems.

We’ve done several very well received presentations for LA City Animal Control, and are in the process of scheduling several more, as well as hoping to schedule several for LA County Animal Control. Kern Co. Animal Control is in the process of scheduling a presentation for their shelter employees, volunteers and the general pet owning public soon.

The packet is free to CA shelters. While we can just send you a packet, we would prefer to do a “formal” presentation at a mutually agreed upon date and time if at all possible.

We would ask a $39.95 donation to cover materials and mailing for anyone in other states who would like a copy of the entire packet. Requests should be made through CFODC’s website to any of the board members who will then contact you to facilitate delivery of your packet.

We are excited for the opportunity to educate more Americans about pet ownership and breed characteristics.


On Feb. 17, 2016, Kern Co, CA Animal Services Commission, Kern Co, CA Animal Services, Kern Co. Supervisors and California Federation of Dog Clubs, co-hosted a presentation of Redemption by Nathan Winograd, founder of the No Kill Movement.

The Kern Co supervisors graciously lent their chambers for the presentation with a Meet and Greet, with refreshments and snacks, held in the rotunda of the Kern County Administration Building on Truxton Avenue in Bakersfield, CA prior to the presentation.

Notice of the presentation had gone out via newspaper, radio, and social media and the turnout was very impressive. Not only the number of attendees but the media as well. CFODC directors, Carol Hamilton and Teri Kahn also attended (Carol driving a _very_ long way.)

Kern Co Animal Services Director, Nick Cullen, had announced shortly after his appointment in late 2015, that he intended to make Kern County Animal Services No Kill in 5 years. As of Sept. 2016, Kern County is well on the way to that goal.

The entire animal community in Kern County is behind the effort. Animal Services employees and volunteers, Animal Services commissioners, Kern County supervisors and the community as a whole are wholeheartedly supporting the effort, a testament to the outreach and education efforts of all of the interested parties.

CFODC was delighted to be a part of this event.
Judythe Coffman, VP

(pictures courtesy of Gunnar J. Kuepper, GBU Mountain News)

Left to right, back row: Kern Co. supervisor David Couch, Kern Co animal Services Director, Nick Cullen, CFODC VP Judythe Coffman, long time supporter of Kern Co animal Services, Bob Rutledge, Kern Co animal Services commissioner Gary Blackburn.
Front row: Janice Anderson, CFODC Director and Kern Co animal Services commission chairman, E. J. Rutledge, Bob's wife (they coordinated the food and drinks for the Meet and Greet prior to the presentation of Redemption), and Nathan Winograd.
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Left to right, Judythe Coffman, Bob Rutledge, E. J. Rutledge, and Janice Anderson.
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Kern County Animal Services Director, Nick Cullen, introducing Nathan Winograd and his presentation of Redemption.
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Nathan Winograd, founder of the No Kill movement, presenting his Redemption program on Feb. 17, 2016.
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RDO Day, Oct. 29, 2011, Bakersfield, CA CFODC Vice President, Janice Anderson, once again was the mover, shaker, and founder of RDO Day in Bakersfield, CA. This was the 10th anniversary. Rescues, Bakersfield Animal Control, Kern County Animal Control, SPCA, FFA, 4-H, obedience club, Kern Co. KC, herding demonstration by a Kern Co. resident, agility, rally, obedience demonstrations, and a demonstration of handling show dogs and what judges look for. There was a proclamation by the mayor of Bakersfield, an always popular costume contest and the blessing of the animals. Lunch was provided by a local community group, and there was a huge raffle.
President, Judythe Coffman, manned the CFODC booth all day and did some educating about the _real_ animal rights agenda. Held a little later in the year this year because Bakersfield can be extremely hot and humid in Sept., it was a pleasant day for all attendants.

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Educational Booth

President Judythe Coffman, Director Diane Amendola, Sec'y Geneva Coats, Director Sue Kocsis and some of their canine companions, manned an educational booth at America's Family Pet Expo at the Orange County Fairgrounds on April 15, 16 & 17, 2011. Lots of people came by the booth, lots of information given out. Sue's deerhound was a big hit as was Geneva's pomeranian and Diane's Welsh Terrier.

Breed ID Workshop

P On Jan. 15, 2011, CFODC held a Meet & Greet with Brenda Barnette, the new general manager of Los Angeles Animal Services, at Galpin Ford in the valley. President Judythe Coffman and Director Carol Hamilton screened a preview of the Breed ID Workshop that CFODC has developed for public, shelter employees, shelter volunteers, rescues etc, in the hope that it will enable them to better ID a breed or mix of breeds so that shelter recidivism declines. Attendees had an opportunity to meet and speak with Brenda personally. Lots of good food was also enjoyed by all.

Certificates of Appreciation

During the month of Sept, 2010, CFODC hand delivered, or sent, Certificates of Appreciation to all CA legislators who voted No on, or abstained from, SB250. Here, Sec'y Geneva Coats personally delivers her certificate to Assemblywoman Torres.

Thanks to everyone that helped defeat this onerous bill.

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Rabies Vaccine

7 Years Between Rabies Vaccines, Help make it HAPPEN
Date: Sun, September 20, 2009 11:45 am (PDT)

Please pass this along to every pet owner and rescuer you know.

Most of us knew the Rabies vaccine worked for 3+ years long before the law caught up. In fact, we "know" it actually works for much longer. To get the laws changed so we can stop OD'ing our pets and putting them at repeated risk while not having to do battle with our vets (and possibly legal authorities) takes more.

If each pet owner in the US gave 10 cents for each pet, we could easily and fully fund the study that would almost inevitably get us a minimum of 5 years, maybe 7, maybe more, between Rabies vaccinations. You know you'd save at least $5 in the first year that we get to "skip" the vaccine and every one of us can find a way to scrounge up $5 even in these tough economic times. So I'm asking you to give a mere $5 to this research project: _http://www.rabieschhttp://www.rhttp://www.http_ (http://www.rabieschallengefund.org/donate.html)

Check out the main page for the research project and see how much of the work is being done by volunteers. Your money will go to actually costs, NOT administrative overhead and nonsense. In addition, another phase of this study will analyze the effects of adjuvants used in vaccines and that would benefit our pets AND US, especially our CHILDREN. Please open another browser window and make your donation now by PayPal, Credit card, or check!

It could, probably will, take longer to get the laws changed but those of us not willing to OD our beloved pets on Rabies vaccines will have additional "proof" to fend off the vets and "animal control police" in the meantime from the data accumulated by this project.

Side effects of the rabies vaccine are allegedly rare but they can be serious or even deadly. Included are seizures, loss of motor skills, tissue damage, fibrosarcoma, and auto immune diseases.

Message from the president:

On June 10, CFODC hosted Bill Bruce, Director of Animal Services and Bylaws of Calgary, Alberta, Canada for a presentation of his successful program. We are delighted that it was so well attended and so well received by the communities in Kern Co. CA. Kudos and a big ATTA GIRL go to our vice-president, Janice Anderson, who wore herself out planning and getting it all together.

Thank you from a grateful board and president and all that attended the presentation. A DVD copy of Bill's presentation is available for $25 by calling 661-868-3000, or by going to: www.co.kern.ca.us/gsd/KGOV

Judythe Coffman

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