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The CFoDC is an association of dog clubs and owners in California dedicated to promoting animal welfare, supporting responsible animal use and strengthening the bond between humans and animals. Our member clubs include numerous breed clubs, performance clubs, outdoor and hunting organizations.

The membership roster of CFoDC includes some of California's most respected animal professionals, advocates and enthusiasts via their respective clubs.

The History of CFoDC

CFODC Policy Statements

* PROMOTE the welfare of dogs.   * ENCOURAGE responsible dog ownership.
* EDUCATE the public about the advantages and responsibilities of dog ownership.   * COORDINATE efforts with the American Kennel Club in the area of public education.
* INFORM the public of the importance of obtaining dogs from reputable sources.   * PROVIDE INFORMATION to dog clubs and civic groups on CFoDC and responsible ownership.
* ESTABLISH media contacts with the press - print, TV and radio.   * MONITOR California and other state and local legislation concerning dogs and dog ownership.
* DISTRIBUTE information on California breed rescues.   * ADVISE and ASSIST local clubs so that they can participate in educational events at their county fair, Dog Days at the Mall, and other such events.


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President Carole Raschella caroleraschella @ cfodconline.org
Vice President
Treasurer Deborah Schuch deborah_schuch @ cfodconline.org
Secretary Teri Kahn teri @ cfodconline.org
Director Janice Anderson janiceanderson @ cfodconline.org
Director Cynthia Neet cynthianeet @ cfodconline.org
Webmaster Jerry Ortel Mail4Pugs @ aol.com