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CFODC's Disaster Fund
has money available to aid animals in disaster areas of CA, (fire, flood, mudslides) including funds set aside strictly for veterinary care. Please contact one of our board members if animals are in need of assistance in your area.
Judythe Coffman, President

Kern Co. Wildfire Animal Control Donation

On Nov. 18, 2011, CFODC President Judythe Coffman and Vice President Janice Anderson, coordinated efforts to gather approximately $600.00 of supplies to Kern Co. Animal Control to replace the supplies that were depleted during the wildfires of August and September 2011 in several places in Kern Co. Donated goods included 1000 lbs. of cat litter, 10 bags of kibbled dog food and 10 bags of kibbled cat food as well as 28 kennel leads. Judythe and Janice are depicted with CFODC's banner outside the Kern Co. Animal Control shelter on Mt. Vernon Ave. in Bakersfield. Also depicted are some of the donated goods that were delivered to the shelter. CFODC's disaster fund is available anywhere in CA to help defray the costs to animal control agencies and others that aid animals in disasters such as wildfires, floods, mudslides, etc. Assistance can be obtained by contacting any of the board members of CFODC through the website at www.cfodconline.org/about us

California Federation of Dog Clubs Provides Assistance to
All Creatures Great and Small

The California Federation of Dog Clubs is an association of dog clubs and dog owners in California. The CFoDC is dedicated to promoting animal welfare and responsible animal ownership. Efforts have traditionally included emergency assistance for animals displaced due to disasters such as fires and earthquakes.

On Sunday morning, CFODC President Judythe Coffman received a frantic call from LA County Animal Control. Large animals were being evacuated from the fires in the north end of LA County and relocated to the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds. The Fair is still in progress, but one of the large livestock barns was emptied to accommodate the evacuees. Owing to the temperatures in excess of 100 degrees, Animal Control was in desperate need of five gallon buckets for water.

So president Coffman fed her puppies, emptied her minivan of everything she could, drove into Lancaster to Home Depot where she asked to speak to the manager. David was most gracious when the problem was explained to him. He donated two $25 gift certificates, and then proceeded to get everything totaled up for 20 of the orange five gallon buckets. All told, the buckets cost CFoDC a minimal amount - just the tax. Judythe drove them right over to the Fairgrounds. The temperatures in the Antelope Valley have been extremely hot over the last week. With all the smoke in the air, it's also very humid so the animals were at great risk without sufficient water.

Next, president Coffman drove to the place where the CFODC trailer is stored. Unloaded, mostly by herself, and with some help from the kennel help, a couple dozen crates and animal cages. Accompanying this was a large box of food and water dishes, brushes and shampoo, as well as another large box of towels and blankets.

Meanwhile, CFoDC Director Carol Hamilton researched and found that a large proportion of the evacuated smaller animals from the fire areas were being taken in by Pasadena Humane Society.

Carol would meet Judythe halfway to direct her to the Pasadena facility. Luckily upon their arrival at the Pasadena HS, there were plenty of helpers available to unload the supplies. Somewhere in this time frame, president Coffman had to call her neighbor to go in and feed her puppies again, and for good measure the older dogs, as she figured she wouldn't be home until after dark.

Animals are being taken care of as well as can be expected considering the circumstances. Some are at the Pasadena facility and some are being housed at La Canada high school. As of Monday, the Station fire has consumed 85,000 acres and is just 5% contained.

CFoDC secretary Geneva Coats sent a grateful thank you letter to Home Depot. An alert was sent to the CFoDC email list that Pasadena HS can use all the support anyone can give them until such time as this emergency passes.

One very tired president went to bed, and will need to see her chiropractor tomorrow!


Click here to read the letter to Home Depot